Elektronische Gesundheitsdienste (eHealth)

7th meeting of the eHealth Network (Riga, 12 May 2015)

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Agenda and minutes

Meeting documents

Topic 1: Update on the Guidelines on patient registries by PARENT

Topic 2: Report from the eHealth Network legal subgroup

Topic 3: Update on Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

Topic 3a: CEF 2015 Call for proposals

Topic 3b: Proposal for an Organisational Framework of eHealth National Contact Point and Member States semantic coordination

Topic 4: Joint Action to support the eHealth Network

Topic 5: National eHealth strategies

Topic 6: Standardisation and Interoperability

Topic 6a: Proposal for a platform consisting of the relevant standards developing organisations

Topic 6b: Concept for an eHealth European Interoperability Framework

Topic 7: Eurobarometer report on digital health literacy

Topic 8: European Commission's mHealth actions