Illicit drugs

Civil society involvement

Drug problems are closely linked to a range of other social and health issues. Successful action on drugs involves a wide range of participants, and has to be supported by the communities in which it takes place. Consequently, there is growing recognition that the policy debate must be informed by a dialogue with civil society. With this in mind, several actions have been taken at EU level.

Civil Society Forum on Drugs

The EU Commission's Civil Society Forum on Drugs is a platform for informal exchanges of views and information between the Commission and civil society organizations. The aim is to feed specific grass-roots experience into:

• future Commission proposals

• work to monitor the EU Drugs Action Plan.

European Action on Drugs

European Action on Drugs invites individuals, but also national, regional and local authorities, educational institutions, research institutes, media and public services, associations and NGOs and economic operators to make concrete commitments aimed at increasing drug awareness, particularly among young people.