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Workshop on Synthetic Biology, 18-19 March 2010, Brussels


Workshop on Synthetic Biology:
From Science to Governance

18-19 March 2010, Brussels

Venue: Sofitel Hotel, Place Jourdan, Brussels

On 18-19 March 2010, the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) is organising in Brussels a Workshop on synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology is an exciting emerging field of research with rapid development and promising applications. Given its multidisciplinary nature and its wide-ranging potential impact on society, synthetic biology raises a number of social, ethical and regulatory questions which need to be addressed in a timely manner.

The aim of this Workshop is to provide a clear overview of existing developments and to try to foresee the likely time-scale of future applications. Furthermore, it will be a good opportunity to discuss the main challenges (in governance, social, ethical and legal issues) facing the field of synthetic biology as well as the possible approaches for tackling these challenges.

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