Scientific committees

Meeting of Chairs, 18-19 November 2009, Brussels


5th meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of EU Commission and Agency
Scientific Committees and Panels involved in Risk Assessment
Brussels, 18-19 November 2009


The 5th Meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of EU Scientific Committees and Panels involved in Risk Assessment took place in Brussels on 18 and 19 November 2009. The aim of these annual meetings is to share experiences and best practices on risk assessment in order to improve its quality and communication and thereby improve support to risk managers’ decisions.

At this meeting, representatives of the Scientific Committees, Panels and Secretariats of EU Commission and Agencies involved in risk assessment considered scientific issues of common interest and identified areas and topics for further cooperation. In particular, the three objectives of this year were:

a) to introduce and discuss two new subjects, synthetic biology and the next generations of nanotechnologies as well as their implications for risk assessment;

b) to review progress with the action points decided at previous meetings, and

c) to discuss the future of the Chairs' collaboration and take decisions in that respect.

In addition, a broader dialogue with the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of some of the EP Committees took place on 18 November.

In the afternoon of 19 November, a special session regarding the progress and perspectives on alternative test methods took place, covering, inter alia, new approaches in the field, such as computational toxicology, toxicogenomics etc.


Presentations Day 1 (18 November 2009)

Presentations Day 2 (19 November 2009)

Reports Breakout Groups

Session on Alternative test methods, new approaches and methods for hazard identification and assessment and their implications for risk assessment