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Evaluation of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

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Ten years after the Directive’s adoption in 2011, the Commission will carry out an evaluation of the Directive on patient rights in cross-border healthcare. The evaluation will assess how the Directive’s objective to facilitate access to safe and high quality cross-border healthcare in another Member State has been met and to what extent the Directive has promoted patient rights and cross-border cooperation between Member States for the benefit of EU citizens. The evaluation will look into the approaches implemented by Member States in practice, how effectively these are working, what barriers patients still face seeking healthcare across borders and how the treatment and diagnosis of patients with rare and complex diseases have benefitted from the support of the European Reference Networks.


The Commission has published a Roadmap on the evaluation of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. This Roadmap is the first step in the evaluation process and outlines the purpose, content and scope of the evaluation. Interested parties were invited to submit comments on the roadmap until 11 February 2021.

Stakeholder Consultation

The aim of the consultation activities is to gather the views of stakeholders and any evidence they might have on the functioning of the Directive. The consultation will identify any challenges faced by patients, health authorities, other interested parties and citizens. It seeks to find out whether barriers still exist for patients to access healthcare in another EU country and to enforce their rights when asking for health costs reimbursements.

The consultation activities include:

  • a public consultation with a duration of 12 weeks available in all EU languages. It is accessible via the dedicated Have Your Say portal of the Commission. Replies can be made until 27 July 2021 in any of the 24 official EU languages.
  • targeted consultation activities (including workshops, interviews and/or questionnaires) tailored to particular stakeholder groups, which are directly responsible for or affected by the implementation of the Directive such as national/regional authorities, National Contact Points for cross-border healthcare, health insurance providers and social security bodies, healthcare providers, health professionals, patient organisations (including organisations representing patients with rare or low prevalence and complex diseases), patient ombudsmen, audit bodies, trade unions, members of the ERN Board of the Member States and ERN coordinators.

The Commission will promote the consultation through available communication channels. All input received from stakeholders through the consultation activities (once closed) will be available on this consultation page.