Blood, tissues and organs


This section presents specific information on blood, tissues, cells and organs.

Other sources of EU-wide data include:

  • Eurocet (data on tissues, cells and organs)
  • Eurostat (general health data)


Tissues and cells

There are 1 716 tissue establishments accredited/designated/authorised/licensed across the EU (‘tissue establishment’ means a tissue bank or unit in a hospital or other body where human tissues and cells are processed, preserved, stored and/or distributed).

These tissue establishments include:

  • skin establishments – 42
  • musculo-skeletal establishments – 172
  • ophthalmic establishments (cornea, sclera, etc.) – 63
  • vascular establishments (heart valves, vessels, etc.) – 49
  • haematopoietic stem cell establishments (other than cord blood) – 193
  • cord blood banks – 91
  • reproductive tissue and cells establishments – 769
  • multi-tissue establishments – 270
  • other type of tissue and cells establishments (chondrocytes cells, genetically modified cells, keratinocyte cells, myeloblast cells, etc.) – 67

Medical applications


EU organ donation and transplantation

Medical applications