Blood, tissues, cells and organs

Conference on the Evaluation of the EU legislation on blood, tissues and cells

Brussels, 28 october 2019


About the Conference

Following the publication of the Evaluation of the EU legislation on Blood, Tissues and Cells, the Commission has organised this conference to present the findings and give stakeholders an opportunity to discuss them. The conference was open to all interested organisations and individuals and was attended by around 240 stakeholders from blood and tissue establishments, national authorities, patient and donor associations and industry.


The Full Conference Programme was structured around a series of themes emerging from the evaluation. For each session, the Commission summarised the findings on a specific topic, a panel of stakeholders made short statements, followed by a moderated discussion with participants. The final session included a panel of leaders of EU and international institutions that discussed future strategies for the field.

The Conference was moderated by Vivienne Parry, a well-known broadcaster and journalist with much experience of conference moderation for the European Commission and other organisations.

Venue: Centre de Conférence A. Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium, Room 0A.

Conference Presentations

The slides summarising the evaluation findings and the statements by stakeholder panellists are included in this single presentation.

Conference Recording

The recorded proceedings can be viewed at these links:

  1. Welcome and overview of findings           
  2. Panel 1: Keeping legislation up to date in a dynamic sector
  3. Panel 2: Ensuring that all EU citizens in the BTC chain are protected
  4. Panel 3: Providing appropriate and robust oversight
  5. Panel 4: Facilitating innovation for BTC patient benefit
  6. Panel 5: Achieving sufficiency and a sustainable BTC supply
  7. Summary and way forward


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