EU Alcohol and Health Forum

The EU Alcohol and Health Forum is a platform where bodies active at European level can debate, compare approaches and act to tackle alcohol related harm.


To become members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum organisations must meet certain requirements and make one or more specific commitments for action.

More information on the Forum

Working groups

  • Taskforce on youth-related aspects of alcohol – developing good practice approaches to addressing under-age drinking, drink driving, educating and empowering young people, promoting responsible selling and serving, and protecting young people from the consequences of alcohol abuse by others.
  • Taskforce on marketing communication – examining initiatives relating to the regulation and practice of marketing for alcoholic beverages.
  • Science Group – providing scientific guidance to the work of the Forum.

Governance Working Group

The role of the Governance Working Group is to consider and discuss the governance of the Forum and to report the commitments to the Forum‘s members.