EU Alcohol and Health Forum


The Charter establishing the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) was signed in a launch meeting in June 2007 by 40 founding members. To become members of the Forum organisations must meet certain requirements and make one or more specific commitments for action.

Science Group

The Science Group provides scientific guidance to the members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum.

Following a call for expressions of interest, 20 experts were nominated in the Science Group. A further group of experts accepted to be part of a reserve list to be involved as appropriate.

Governance Working Group

At the Forum meeting of 9 April 2014, it was decided to create a working group to consider and discuss the governance of the EU Alcohol and Health Forum and the reporting of the commitments by the members.

The Conclusions of the Working Group summarize the Working Groups' opinions and recommendations to the Plenary Meeting on the issues discussed in its first two meetings of 10 July and 6 October 2014.

Based on it, the Forum plenary meeting on 6 November 2014 decided to prolong the mandate of the Governance Working Group.

The objectives and tasks of the Governance Working Group are described in the mandate.