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The responsibility for the content of the documents listed here lies with their authors. The content of these documents does not necessarily represent the views of the European Commission, nor is the Commission responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

The library is mainly based on proposals made by members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum, and will be continuously expanded and updated.

Source of Information Title
Alcohol Action Ireland Website
Assurance Maladie Française Contribution de l’Assurance Maladie française sur Stratégie globale de la Commission européenne pour réduire les dommages liés à l’alcool en Europe à l’horizon fin 2012
Brewers of Europe Brewers of Europe report on self regulation of beer advertising (May 2010)
Diageo DRINKiQ initiative for a responsible consumption of alcohol
EASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance) EASA Digital Marketing Communications Best Practice
ELSA project (Enforcement of national Laws and Self-regulation on advertising and marketing of Alcohol) The impact of alcohol advertising
Eurocare Website
European Forum for Responsible Drinking(EFRD) TV & Print Compliance Monitoring Report done by EASA and commissioned by EFRD and Brewers of Europe:
- Report 2005
- Report 2006
- Report 2007
- Report 2008

Template Server Training Books, commissioned by EFRD & ICAP:
- Server’s Guide
- Trainer’s Guide

Template for consumer information website, commissioned by EFRD & CEPS:
- Template for consumer information website- July 2008

Learning from a six-years Pan-European Designated- Driver campaigns, supported by the European Commission:
- Guidelines for designated driver campaigns

Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to responsible drinking. Are you sure your marketing is?
- Brochure on
- Market Responsibly website

Responsible drinking website

European Spirits Organisation - CEPS 2006 Charter Implementation Report
2007 Charter Implementation Report
2008 Charter Implementation Report
2009 Charter Implementation Report

2006 Drinks Industry Initiatives Brochure
2007 Drinks Industry Initiatives Brochure
2008 Drinks Industry Initiatives Brochure
FDS International and Volterra Consulting Advertising and the misuse of alcohol
Health Alliance on Alcohol
Health Service Executive (Ireland) Alcohol Related Harm in Ireland
International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) ICAP Review 3. Noncommercial Alcohol in Three Regions

Book Synopsis - Swimming with Crocodiles: The Culture of Extreme Drinking
- Two chapters available

Issue 1. ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture

Alcohol and Violence: Exploring Patterns and Responses
ICC (international Chamber of Commerce) Advertising and marketing communication practice. Consolidated ICC code
IOGT-NTO Global Hangover - Alcohol as an obstacle to development

HIV and Alcohol

Cheers to the family
Portman Group Setting the responsible drinking agenda
SABMiller Website on responsible drinking
- urges parents to talk to their children

Alcohol Responsibility Messaging

SABMiller Consumer Communication 2010
SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems) Alcohol. Price, Policy and Public Health. Report on the findings of the expert workshop on price convened by SHAAP
The Finnish Foundation for alcohol studies Report on activities 2007
United Kingdom House of Commons
Health Select Committee report on Alcohol, January 2010

The Government Response to the Health Select Committee Report on Alcohol, March 2010
Wine in moderation Website

Implementation report 2008-2009
WBA (Worldwide Brewing Alliance) Worldwide Brewing Alliance. Global social responsibility initiatives