European Alcohol and Health Forum

16th Plenary Meeting
Brussels, 18 May 2015


Overview of the 2015 annual report
Christina Dziewanska-Stringer
ICF International

Status report on Forum commitments and monitoring
Arila Pochet
European Commission - DG Health and Food Safety

Report on the work of the Governance Working Group
Attila Balogh
European Commission - DG Health and Food Safety

Alcohol purchase age limits in Europe
Katherine Brown
Institute of Alcohol Studies (UK)

Portuguese policy: Plan for the reduction of addictive behaviours and addictions 2013-2020
Manuel Cardoso

Overview of commitments in relation to underage drinking
Christina Dziewanska-Stringer
ICF International

Let it hAPYN and the *EAPYC Series
Jan Peloza
Alcohol Policy Youth Network

Information and support for health professionals
Eric Carlin
Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems

Underage drinking
Mariann Skar

Contribution of economic operators to the reduction of underage drinking
Simon Spillane
Brewers of Europe

Initiative on training in the protection of minors
Angelika Wiesgen-Pick
German Association of Spirits Producers and Importers

Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP)
Hardish Purewal