European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – from Plan to Action

All stakeholders who wish to be involved in implementing the Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP) have an opportunity to do so through the following means:

Invitation for Commitment

All stakeholders who wish to be fully involved in carrying out the specific actions of the Plan will be invited to submit their commitments by filling in a form online. You will be asked to provide detailed information about your action, based on the principles and criteria defined in the Plan.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2012.

Invitation for Expression of Intent for Reference Site candidates

All stakeholders who wish to submit their intention to be a candidate to become a Reference Site of the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing. References Sites are defined as regions, cities or integrated hospitals/care organisations, established in a geographical location in Europe that provide a comprehensive innovation-based approach to active and healthy ageing. They provide concrete examples of existing and successful integrated solutions, based on evidence of their impact in practice.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2012.

The Marketplace for innovative ideas

The Marketplace, to be launched in April 2012, is an online platform for cooperation that can help you develop innovative ideas and projects within the EIP on AHA, by enabling you find partners for an initiative, find an initiative to participate in, provide and search for information, get in touch with stakeholders, participate in discussions on the forum, promote events, and create groups and private forums. These activities can help you to develop ideas and initiatives in order to apply to, and participate in, the Action Groups.

Innovation support

All stakeholders, who provide online digital services, and are willing to contribute to the development of the EIP by providing innovation support and acceleration, are welcome to contact us by sending their innovative ideas via email to: EC-EIP-AHA(at)

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