Frailty conference (Brussels, 18 June 2014)


Rue Gineste 3
1210 Brussels

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About the Conference

The European Commission is responding to the challenge of an ageing population with an ambitious initiative: the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

The prevention of frailty in old age is one of the key actions identified by the Partnership. Building on the work conducted in this area, the European Commission organised the second frailty in old age international conference on 18 June 2014 in Brussels which focused on “Frailty in old age: identifying priorities for an EU policy”.

The Conference was structured in three plenary sessions and three parallel workshops. During the first morning plenary session key note speakers presented evidence supporting an integrated approach to prevent and treat frailty. The second morning plenary session gathered national experts to discuss examples on how national, regional and international frailty strategies have been implemented or incorporated into the policy agenda. During the afternoon, three parallel workshops allowed participants to engage in more in-depth discussions on specific aspects of frailty risk factors and came up with concrete recommendations. The European Commission closed the conference drawing the key conclusions and highlighting milestones for future actions.

Presentations and materials


The Conference will bring together policy makers, healthcare organisations, public health professionals, researchers and patient organisations to flesh out recommendations and guidelines for building a European policy on frailty. Registration is limited to 120 particicpants.


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