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Eurostat Statistics

Regulation 692/2011 concerning European statistic on tourism is the prime basis for official, harmonised statistics on tourism supply and demand. The Regulation covers on the one hand data on capacity and occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments and on the other hand data on trips made by EU residents. Information of a more economic nature is available from related domains of business or social statistics. Comprehensive datasets as well as summary tables are available on the Eurostat website, easily accessible via the tourism statistics portal.

Statistics Illustrated is a visualisation tool developed by Eurostat in close in cooperation with DG Growth, in the context of the Virtual Tourism Observatory. It is meant to display data dynamically on maps and graphs in order to facilitate its users the comparative analysis and evaluation of trends.

The indicators contained in the dashboard are as follows:

Monthly data on tourism industries
Net occupancy rates of bed places
Nights spent at accommodation
Evolution of arrivals at accommodation
Annual data on tourism industries
Arrivals and nights spent at accommodation
Nights spent, by country/world region of residence of the tourist
Accommodation capacity
Annual data on trips of EU residents
Participation in tourism
Trips by means of transport
Trips and nights by duration
Trips by destination

To have a wider idea of how to play with the visualisation tool, see the tutorial.
Statistics explained in tourism presents articles analysing the latest statistical data in an easily understandable way. Together, all thematic articles make up an encyclopedia of European statistics for everyone, completed by a statistical glossary clarifying all terms used and by numerous links to further information and the latest data and metadata, a portal for occasional and regular users.