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Virtual Tourism Observatory

Tourism occupies an important place in the economy of the European Union. Preserving its competitiveness requires a good knowledge of the sector's trends and volumes, its economic and environmental impact, the origin and profile of the tourists, etc.
The European Commission (Directorate General Enterprise and Industry in cooperation with EUROSTAT) has therefore developed a web platform gathering and storing relevant socio-economic data and analysis.
The main objective of this EU Virtual Tourism Observatory is to support policy makers, businesses and researchers, in particular, by:
  • providing reliable, comparable and up-to-date data about the tourists' flows;
  • identifying trends and developments in the tourism sector;
  • facilitating evidence-based policy making in tourism.
The EU Virtual Tourism Observatory has 5 sections:
  1. Country Profiles – fact sheets with the main economic indicators and tourism data from each EU Member State over time;
  2. Eurostat Statistics – dashboards made of tables, graphs and maps displaying monthly and annual data about tourists' flows, accommodation capacity, occupancy, expenditure, etc;
  3. Eurobarometer – access to all annual public surveys conducted by the European Commission since 2009, aimed to assess the preferences and attitudes of Europeans towards tourism;
  4. Studies and Reports – library of research papers and reports on the tourism sector classified per country, theme and year;
  5. Useful links – path to other organizations' websites which provide facts & figures in tourism sector.

Your are invited to visit the platform regularly as it is constantly enriched and updated with the latest information available.

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