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Regulation on an electric retrofit system designed to be equipped on vehicles of category L, M, N1

Notification Number: 2022/43/I (Italy )
Date received: 26/01/2022
End of Standstill: 27/04/2022

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Message 002

Communication from the Commission - TRIS/(2022) 00249
Directive (EU) 2015/1535
Translation of the message 001
Notification: 2022/0043/I

No abre el plazo - Nezahajuje odklady - Fristerne indledes ikke - Kein Fristbeginn - Viivituste perioodi ei avata - Καμμία έναρξη προθεσμίας - Does not open the delays - N'ouvre pas de délais - Non fa decorrere la mora - Neietekmē atlikšanu - Atidėjimai nepradedami - Nem nyitja meg a késéseket - Ma’ jiftaħx il-perijodi ta’ dawmien - Geen termijnbegin - Nie otwiera opóźnień - Não inicia o prazo - Neotvorí oneskorenia - Ne uvaja zamud - Määräaika ei ala tästä - Inleder ingen frist - Не се предвижда период на прекъсване - Nu deschide perioadele de stagnare - Nu deschide perioadele de stagnare.

(MSG: 202200249.EN)

1. Structured Information Line
MSG 002 IND 2022 0043 I EN 26-01-2022 I NOTIF

2. Member State

3. Department Responsible
Direzione generale per il mercato, la concorrenza, la tutela del consumatore e la normativa tecnica
Divisione VI - Normativa tecnica - Sicurezza e conformità dei prodotti
00187 Roma - Via Sallustiana, 53
tel. +39 06 4705.5368 - e-mail:

3. Originating Department
Direzione Generale per la Motorizzazione, per i servizi ai cittadini e alle imprese in materia di trasporti e navigazione
Divisione 3

4. Notification Number
2022/0043/I - T40T

5. Title
Regulation on an electric retrofit system designed to be equipped on vehicles of category L, M, N1

6. Products Concerned
Vehicles in circulation of international category L (2- and 3-wheel vehicles, including quadricycles), M (Vehicles for transporting people, Cars and buses), N1 (light lorries).

7. Notification Under Another Act

8. Main Content
The measure in question consists of 9 articles and 7 annexes, which form an integral part of it.
Art. 1. Scope, i.e., the electric retrofitting of vehicles in use of categories L, M and N1;
Art. 2. Definitions
Art. 3. General characteristics of electrical retrofit systems for type approval;
Art. 4. Type Approval Procedure for the systems;
Art. 5. Requirements applicable to system manufacturers
Art. 6. Requirements for installing the electric retrofit system in vehicles and updating the registration certificate
Art. 7. Manufacturing conformity
Art. 8. Recognition of systems approved by other States of the European Union or the European Economic Area or safeguard clauses
Art. 9. Final provisions

9. Brief Statement of Grounds
The adoption of the decree is necessary in order to regulate, pursuant to Article 75, paragraph 3(a) of Legislative Decree No 285 of 30 April 1992, the new highway code, the procedures for the national approval of systems for the electric retrofit of vehicles in use of categories L, M and N1.
This Regulation replaces and supplements Ministerial Decree 219 of 1 December 2015, which concerns the electric retrofit of vehicles of international category M and N1.

10. Reference Documents - Basic Texts
References to basic texts: Legislative Decree No 285 of 30 April 1992 - Article 75: attached in ‘basic texts’;
- Decree-Law No 83 of 22 June 2012, converted into Law No 134 of 7 August 2012 — Article 17(l): attached in ‘basic texts’;
- Law No 147 of 27 December 2013 - Article 1, paragraph 87: attached in ‘basic texts’;
- Ministerial Decree 219 of 1 December 2015 - Regulation on an electric retrofit system intended to equip M and N1 vehicles:corresponding to the final text of notification 2015-0086-I;
-Draft Regulation on electric retrofit systems for vehicles of international category L: notification 2020-0684-I (This project was interrupted due to findings of the Council of State).

11. Invocation of the Emergency Procedure

12. Grounds for the Emergency

13. Confidentiality

14. Fiscal measures

15. Impact assessment
There is no information on the impact assessment

16. TBT and SPS aspects
TBT Aspects

NO - The draft has no significant impact on international trade.

SPS Aspects

No - The draft is not a medical or phytosanitary measure

European Commission

Contact point Directive (EU) 2015/1535
Fax: +32 229 98043

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