Prevention of technical barriers to trade

"Don’t let barriers stop your success".

In your business success is very important. In order to achieve it you try to detect obstacles before they have any negative effects. The same principle applies in the internal market for the technical barriers.

The (EU) 2015/1535 procedure aims to prevent creating barriers in the internal market before they materialize. Member States notify their legislative projects regarding products and Information Society services to the Commission which analyses these projects in the light of EU legislation. Member States participate on the equal foot with the Commission in this procedure and they can also issue their opinions on the notified drafts.

The Technical Regulation Information System:

Thus, the 2015/1535 procedure is also a tool of dialogue between the Commission and Member States in which your voice can be heard.

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Luxembourg Luxembourg - 23/10/2020
[FR] Projet de loi modifiant la loi modifiée du 19 décembre 2008 a) relative aux piles et accumulateurs ainsi qu'aux déchet[...]

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Romania Romania - 21/10/2020
Draft Order on the registration of established recipes and the certification of foodstuffs obtained according to established [...]

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Luxembourg Luxembourg - 23/10/2020
[FR] Projet de loi relative aux déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques. [FR]

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France France - 26/10/2020
[FR] Projet d’arrêté du 26 octobre 2020 modifiant l’arrêté du 10 juillet 2020 prescrivant les mesures d'organisation et de fo[...]

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Slovakia Slovakia - 26/10/2020
[SK] Vyhláška Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby Slovenskej republiky, ktorou sa mení a dopĺňa vyhláška Ministerstva dopravy a v[...]

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Romania Romania - 21/10/2020
Draft ORDER regarding extension of the terms of validity of Article 1(1) and Article 2(1) of Order No 672/2020 of the Ministe[...]

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Germany Germany - 21/10/2020
Third Act amending the Chemicals Act - combating illegal trade in fluorinated greenhouse gases

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Austria Austria - 22/10/2020
[DE] Entwurf Standardisierte Leistungsbeschreibung Verkehr und Infrastruktur - Version LB-VI 06 [DE]

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Estonia Estonia - 27/10/2020
[ET] Tallinna Linnavolikogu määruse eelnõu "Alkohoolse joogi jaemüügi kitsendused". [ET]

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Estonia Estonia - 23/10/2020
Regulation of the Minister for the Environment on the terms and conditions of and procedure for using the subsidy for acquiri[...]

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Netherlands Netherlands - 22/10/2020
[NL] Centraal Register Uitsluiting KansSpelen (Cruks) [NL]

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Italy Italy - 21/10/2020
Ministerial Decree under Article 1(76) of Law No 145 of 30 December 2018 (2019 Budget Law)

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