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Thai Industrial Standard for Plugs and Socket-Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes: Plugs and Socket-Outlets with Rated Voltage not Exceeding 250 V (TIS 166-2549) (25 pages, in Thai).
Reference: G/TBT/N/THA/480

Date of arrival: 2016 August 18     -     Final date for comments: 2016 October 17


The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has proposed to enforce TIS 166-2549(2006) Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes:  plugs and socket-outlets with rated voltage not exceeding 250 V as a mandatory standard. The standard applies to plugs and fixed or portable socket-outlets for a.c., with a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V and a rated current not exceeding 16 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors at ambient temperatures not exceeding 40°C.  This standard also applies to plugs incorporated in cord sets, to plugs and portable socket-outlets incorporated in cord extension sets and to plugs and socket-outlets which are a component of an electrical appliance, unless otherwise stated in the standard for the relevant electrical appliance.


Protection of Human Health or Safety
Consumer Information, Labelling

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Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers

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