About this site

This site is an EU initiative to help European companies seeking to do business with countries outside the EU by providing practical help, namely:

  • names & contact details for support service providers (e.g. national agencies, local chambers of commerce, etc) who can help firms start doing business with the country they are targeting.
  • information on the services they offer.
  • links to other EU-backed sources of help/advice.

Use by business support service providers

Organisations offering support/advisory services can use this site to:

How were the initial organisations in the database selected?

They were taken from the results of the "Study on Support Services for SMEs in International Business", carried out for the Commission by the ECSIP Consortium (Netherlands) in 2012 and its follow up in 2014, covering in total the EU and 35 non-EU countries.

Which target markets are covered by the database?

All the countries coloured green on the map on the site's homepage.

Will the database be expanded?

Any organisation offering business support services that meets the criteria can also register for inclusion in the database.

Overview of EU Instruments contributing to the internationalisation of European enterprises

As European businesses and SMEs in particular have often fragmented knowledge on the funding possibilities and the instruments direct and indirect that exist in the framework of several EU programmes, this overview collects factual information in order to clarify the situation and better inform European businesses.