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Id 982
Year of submission 2016
01. Title of the measure DO IT - Ideas of Portuguese Origin (DO IT-IPO)
02. Country
03. Language English
04. Contact details
Responsible organisation Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Name and Surname of contact person Luisa Valle
Street and number Av. Berna 45A
Postal code 1067-001
City Lisbon
Country PT
E-mail of contact person lvalle@gulbenkian.pt
Website of organisation www.gulbenkian.pt

05. SBA policy area Special target groups: ethnic minorities, unemployed, youth, older people
06. Source EEPA - European Enterprise Promotion Award
07. Description of the measure Civil society movement which aims to promote and strengthen ties between the Portuguese diaspora and both Portugal and the Portuguese through social entrepreneurial enterprises in Portugal. Under the slogan “They think of it there, they do it here” the enterprise aims to raise, promote and select ideas and support the realisation of social entrepreneurship projects, which contribute to the transformation of the phenomenon of emigration, in an effective opportunity for Portuguese society and for Portugal.
08. Objectives To bring the Portuguese diaspora to Portugal; to contribute to strengthening the Portuguese community; to promote social entrepreneurship.
09. Duration (dd/mm/yyyy)
Start Date 01/01/2011
End Date 31/12/2014
Other Information
10. Target group The Portuguese diaspora
11. Have you consulted business organisations before submitting this measure? Yes
11.1 Comments/testimonial by business organisation/entrepreneur Support from João Pedro Tavares - Vice President of Accenture “The results of the first two editions of this competition (the 3rd edition is now open) show excellent results, both in terms of mobilising the diaspora which translates into large numbers of applications, both in terms of quality and the originality of the proposals.”
12. Why is this measure a success? Please give information on results and achievements. 4 social entrepreneurship projects financially supported 31 joint teams of entrepreneurs and enterprise finalists formed. Publication of the first guide for the social entrepreneur in Portugal, 14 projects under development.
13. Problems that had to be overcome and lessons learned To think of Portugal not only as a territory but as a global community and diaspora and as an asset. Bringing together the Portuguese diaspora to their country and realising the potential of the critical role it can play in resolving the problems facing the country.
14. Information on the measure can be provided in the following languages