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Id 433
Year of submission 2008
01. Title of the measure Centres of Entrepreneurial and Technological Development — C.E.TE.DE network
02. Country
03. Language English
04. Contact details
Responsible organisation Ministry of Development General Secretariat of Industry
Name and Surname of contact person Dr Kottakis Ioannis
Street and number 119, Mesogeion Avenue, GR-10192 Athens
Postal code
Country EL
E-mail of contact person
Website of organisation

05. SBA policy area Internationalisation (EU and non EU markets)
06. Source European Charter for Small Enterprises
07. Description of the measure The initiative is implemented by the Centres of Entrepreneurial and Technological Development (C.E.TE.DE), a regional network of non-profitable organisations coordinated and supervised by the General Secretariat of Industry, Ministry of Development. The 13 centres operate in the capital of every prefecture of each region and provide a one-stop-shop service for the provision of information on export of goods and services, organisational assistance (advice) and information for activities aiming to support export efforts. Information provided is usually classified according to information units creating an ‘Exports tool box’. In addition, the centre promotes the stimulation of groups of companies ready and able to embark on export activities to participate in common efforts for the promotion of their goods and services in international markets.
08. Objectives Increasing awareness, provision of information and organisational assistance on efforts to export goods and services. The measure covers all regions and prefectures of Greece.

09. Duration (dd/mm/yyyy)
Start Date 01/01/2006
End Date Measure open-ended
Other Information
10. Target group Mainly SMEs with particular emphasis on small and very small enterprises which have not developed export activities, are beginning to develop export activities, or have small-scale export activities measured as a percentage of their annual turnover.
11. Have you consulted business organisations before submitting this measure? Yes
11.1 Comments/testimonial by business organisation/entrepreneur -
12. Why is this measure a success? Please give information on results and achievements. -
13. Problems that had to be overcome and lessons learned -
14. Information on the measure can be provided in the following languages
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