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Id 1015
Title Projektportrait 1. Platz Kategorie Engagierte Unternehmer
Language DE

Title Netzwerk beim Karneval der Kulturen aktiv dabei
Language DE

Year of submission 2018
01. Title of the measure Courageous Network: Against Xenophobia and Discrimination!
02. Country
03. Language English
04. Contact details
Responsible organisation Netzwerk Grossbeerenstrasse e.V.
Name and Surname of contact person René Mühlroth c/o Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Street and number Kitzingstrasse 25-27
Postal code 12277
City Berlin
Country DE
E-mail of contact person
Website of organisation

05. SBA policy area Responsible entrepreneurship
06. Source EEPA - European Enterprise Promotion Award
07. Description of the measure Alarmed by extremist right-wing activities in Berlin’s Grossbeerenstrasse commercial zone, in 2013 the Grossbeerenstrasse Network (NG) launched the “Network with Courage: Against Xenophobia and Discrimination!” initiative. Its aim is to publicly and sustainably establish itself and create active networks with our socio-spatial partners.
08. Objectives To raise awareness of, qualify and defend diversity, tolerance and non-violence.

09. Duration (dd/mm/yyyy)
Start Date 01/01/2013
End Date Measure open-ended
Other Information
10. Target group Around 8,000 people who live, work, train, go to school or have found refuge in the Grossbeerenstrasse commercial zone.
11. Have you consulted business organisations before submitting this measure? Yes
11.1 Comments/testimonial by business organisation/entrepreneur Testimonial by Angelika Schöttler, District Mayoress of Berlin; letter of support from Zauner, Berlin Senate Administration; letter of support from Kolat, Berlin Senator; letter of congratulations from Michael Müller, Berlin House of Representatives
12. Why is this measure a success? Please give information on results and achievements. The NG is perceived as a partner for the integration of refugees and is involved in the local development of strategies and solutions.
13. Problems that had to be overcome and lessons learned Via community-based CSR activities, the network structures of NG have enabled companies to tackle the subject of integrating refugees into their training and work activities not purely as a strategy to procure skilled workers, but also as a socio-political statement supporting the basic social order within our community. The companies have thus adopted a socio-political stance and are assuming social responsibility. This in turn strengthens the social space and the commercial zone.
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