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Id 989
Year of submission 2016
01. Title of the measure ZomerOndernemer
02. Country
03. Language English
04. Contact details
Responsible organisation The New Entrepreneur Foundation
Name and Surname of contact person P. Filius
Street and number Emmawijk 1
Postal code 8011 CM
City Zwolle
Country NL
E-mail of contact person
Website of organisation

05. SBA policy area Special target groups: ethnic minorities, unemployed, youth, older people
06. Source EEPA - European Enterprise Promotion Award
07. Description of the measure The young people participating start up their own company during the summer holidays and experience what entrepreneurship means. Further, the aim is to create an enterprising mind-set that can also prove valuable in the further life of the young people.
08. Objectives Stimulating entrepreneurship, an enterprising mind-set and creating self-reliance.

09. Duration (dd/mm/yyyy)
Start Date 01/06/2010
End Date 30/09/2010
Other Information
10. Target group Young people between the ages of 15 and 22
11. Have you consulted business organisations before submitting this measure? Yes
11.1 Comments/testimonial by business organisation/entrepreneur Andries Greiner, former member of the Provincial Executive for Flevoland: Sometimes ideas are obvious and at the same time special. ZomerOndernemer is such an idea: this project turns young people and job-seekers in no time into entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in the broadest sense of the word. They become the proud owner of a business that also moves directly into the market. I am convinced that this project works really well Endorsed by: - the Member of the Provincial Executive of Flevoland, Mr Appelman; - the CEO & President of Interface EMEA, Mr Boogaard.
12. Why is this measure a success? Please give information on results and achievements. In the last five years, 265 young people have participated in the ZomerOndernemer project and the project has produced 82 companies that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. But the project has produced much more than new companies. This year, we held a survey among former participants and 23% stated that they are now certain that want to be their own boss. On the other hand, only 1% of the former participants stated that running their own company was not for them. An incredible result for a project that only lasts six weeks. In addition, the survey shows that these young people approach people more easily thanks to the project, that they dare to do more and they have learned how they must overcome their fears and how to present their ideas. ZomerOndernemer is not just about learning entrepreneurship, but also about developing yourself as a person.
13. Problems that had to be overcome and lessons learned Reaching your target group: It has emerged that the way to reach young people is changing quickly. A few years ago, we had to visit schools physically with flyers; today you reach young people mainly through Facebook. However, a shift is already seems to be taking place. The lesson: You must be continuously alert and change with the way of communicating. The creed is: when you teach and stimulate entrepreneurship, you must yourself demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour. Setting up a national organisation: As the project is rolled out over the Netherlands, the organisation grows and quality assurance and consistency in execution, orally and in writing become important issues. A number of steps have been taken for this, including training and retraining courses for the coaches and coordinators. A general manual containing the procedures and guidelines. In addition, a communications and house-style manual has been developed.
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