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Regulated profession

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Kiropraktor (Norway)

  • Generic name of profession

  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    Chiropractor (EN)
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:
    Helsepersonelloven §48 1. ledd og forskrift 8. oktober 2008 nr. 1130 om autorisasjon, lisens og spesialistgodkjenning for helsepersonell med yrkeskvalifikasjoner fra andre EØS-land
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    Type of regulation :
    Protected title (without reserves of activities)


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :
    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    General system of recognition - primary application
    Qualification level:
    PSM - Diploma from post-secondary level (more than 4 years) , Art. 11 e
    Prior check of qualifications under article 7(4):
    Justification for Article 7.4:
    In order to secure the safety of patients, and in order to protect public health, it is necessary to make sure that only professionals who have the required qualifications and training are allowed to exercise the profession.
  • Activities

    Description of activities:
    • Primærkontakt for diagnostisering og oppfølging av pasienter med plager og svekkelser i muskel- og skjelettsystemet • Diagnostisere, behandle, rehabilitere og forebygge • Arbeid i privat praksis eller tverrfaglige klinikker • Fullført praksis, videreutdanning og kurs i tverrfaglige emner gir rett til å sykmelde og henvise pasienter direkte til spesialister for undersøkelse /vurdering
    • The primary contact for the diagnosis and follow-up patients with complaints and impairments in their nervous/ musculoskeletal system • Diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent such complaints • Work in private practice, multidisciplinary clinics • Completed practical service courses and courses in multidisciplinary subjects give entitlement to certify sick-leave and refer patients directly to specialists or for examination/ assessment (EN)
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