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Ingeniero de montes (Spain)

  • Legal information

    Type of regulation: Reserves of activities and protected title
  • Reserved activities

    Reserved activities: La redacción de proyectos, su dirección y la dirección de ejecución de obras en el ámbito forestal: industrias e instalaciones forestales de primera y sucesivas transformaciones, y de energías renovables; de actuación contra procesos de degradación que afecten a los sistemas y recursos naturales especialmente en la lucha contra los incendios forestales, de actuaciones de restauración hidrológico forestal; de Gestión Sostenible de Bosques, de conservación de la biodiversidad; de Repoblación Forestal y Restauración de Sistemas Naturales Degradados; de Edificaciones - en los términos establecidos en la Ley de ordenación de la edificación. (EN)
    Translation(s): Writing projects, its management and works execution management in the Forest environment: the ones related to forest industries, First forest installations and following ones, as well as the renewable energies ones; Execution plans against degradation processes that may affect natural systems and resources specially those related to the fight against forest fires; forest hydrologic restoration execution plans; and the plans of sustainable forests management, biodiversity conservation, Reforestation and degraded natural systems Restoration, and Building – in the terms established by the Building management Law (EN)
  • Qualification #1

    Method to obtain qualifications: General post-secondary education
    Most common path to obtain qualification: General post-secondary education
    Duration of education/training programme: 6.0 Year
    Existence of mandatory traineeship: No
    Existence of State exam to access the profession: No
  • Restrictions

    Mandatory registration in professional bodies: Yes
    Limitations to the number of licenses granted: No
    Existence of territorial restrictions: No
    Restriction on the corporate form/type of entity to be used to exercise related activities: No
    Restrictions related to shareholding or voting rights: No
  • Joint practices and insurance

    Prohibitions on joint practices: No
    Requirement for professional indemnity insurance: No
    Insurance requirement applying for cross-border: No
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