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Regulated profession

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Turto arba verslo vertintojas (Lithuania)

  • Generic name of profession

    Valuation surveyor
  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    Turto arba verslo vertintojas
    Property or business valuer (EN)
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:

    Law on the Property and Business Valuation Framework of 25 May 1999, No, VIII-1202.

    Useful link:


    Type of regulation :
    Reserves of activities


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :
    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    General system of recognition - primary application
    Qualification level:
    PS4 - Diploma of post-secondary level (exactly 4 years) , Art. 11 e
    Prior check of qualifications under article 7(4):
  • Activities

    Description of activities:

    Nekilnojamojo turto vertinimas; Kilnojamojo turto vertinimas; Verslo vertinimas.Tik vertintojo ir (arba) vertintojo eksperto kvalifikaciją turintys asmenys gali savarankiškai atlikti turto arba verslo vertinimą. Vertintojai gali vertinti tik tos srities objektus, kurioje yra įgiję vertintojo kvalifikaciją, t. y. nekilnojamojo turto vertintojai gali vertinti tik nekilnojamąjį turtą, kilnojamojo turto vertintojai gali vertinti tik kilnojamąjį turtą, verslo vertintojai gali vertinti tik verslą.


    Real estate valuation (appraisal); Movable property valuation (appraisal); Business valuation (appraisal). Only qualified valuers can independently carry out valuations of property or business. Valuers can carry out valuations only in the the certain qualification fields: real estate valuer can valuate immovable property, movable property valuer can valuate movable property and business valuer can valuate business.

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