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Regulated profession

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Diriginte de şantier (Romania)

  • Generic name of profession

    Civil engineer
  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    Diriginte de şantier
    Construction site supervisor (EN)
    Superviseur des chantiers de construction (FR)
    Bauleiter (DE)
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:

    The Procedure for Authorization of Construction Site Supervisors, approved by Order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Transportation no. 1496/2011, with subsequent amendments; Law no. 10/1995 on Construction Quality, as subsequently amended; Government Ordinance no. 63/2001 on the Establishment of the State Inspectorate for Construction - S.I.C., approved with amendments by Law no. 707/2001, as subsequently amended; Government Emergency Ordinance no. 49/2009 on Freedom of Establishment for Service Providers and Freedom of Provision of Services in Romania, approved with amendments and supplements by Law no. 68/2010.

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    Type of regulation :


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :

    The specialists – Romanian citizens or citizens of another EU or EEA Member State, which were authorized to operate as site supervisors by an act of authority (an authorization or an equivalent document, issued by recognized authorities in the respective countries), settled on the Romanian territory, who want to conduct their activity in Romania – shall require to be registered in the Register of Authorised Construction Site Supervisors, in order to conduct construction site supervision activities within the authorization domain written on the document certifying their quality of construction site supervisors, on the Romanian territory, according to the law. On the basis of the applicant’s request, the S.I.C. recognizes the document certifying the quality of construction site supervisor obtained in the country of origin or provenance, and enters it in the Register of Authorised Construction Site Supervisors. The above-mentioned applicants, who conduct site supervision activities permanently in one of the EU or S.E.E. Member States, may also operate in Romania on a temporary basis – they must submit a statement to the S.I.C., written in Romanian, regarding the services they will provide. In this case, the construction site supervisor is exempt from registration in the Register of Authorised Construction Site Supervisors. If the legality of some documents presented for recognition of the authorization papers submitted needs to be checked, the S.I.C. contacts the competent authorities of the EU or EEA Member States, through the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    Recognition of professional experience Annex IV - automatic recognition
    Level in case of subsidiary application of GS:
    ATT - Attestation of competence , Art. 11 a
    Prior check of qualifications under article 7(4):
    Justification for Article 7.4:

    The verification of professional qualifications is justified by imperative reasons of general interest regarding public safety and public health, protection of the beneficiaries of services in construction, as well as the protection of the urban environment, including the spatial planning, which impose the obligation to provide the necessary conditions for construction and operation of the buildings in compliance with the essential requirements of their quality, in order to protect the lives of people, their goods, society and the environment, knowing  that Romania has one of the highest levels of vulnerability to natural risk factors, mainly seismic risk, among the states members of the European Union

  • Activities

    Description of activities:

    Persoană fizică angajată de către investitor/beneficiar, cu obligaţii privind asigurarea verificării execuţiei corecte a lucrărilor de construcţii, pe tot parcursul lucrarilor


    Individual employed by the investor / beneficiary who has the obligation to check the correct execution of construction works throughout the duration of the project.

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