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Regulated profession

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Fisioterapeuta (Portugal)

  • Generic name of profession

  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    Physiotherapist (EN)
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:
    Decreto-Lei n.º 320/99, de 11 de agosto
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    Type of regulation :
    Reserves of activities


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :
    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    General system of recognition - primary application
    Qualification level:
    PS3 - Diploma of post-secondary level (3-4 years) , Art. 11 d
    Prior check of qualifications under article 7(4):
    Justification for Article 7.4:

    Concerning the actual regime to access the  technical professions for diagnosis and therapy, as is set in Decree-Law N.º  320/99, of 11 August, this diploma regulates and defines the general principles regarding the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic professions. Under this diploma it is only allowed access and exercise the diagnostic and therapeutic professions the ones who holders the training individuals mentioned in paragraph 1 of Article 4.

    Since there are requirements that must necessarily be met, such as the case of obtaining higher academic degree, the verification thereof becomes necessary, through a documentary analysis, required for the issuance of the respective Professional cards.Thus it seeks to safeguard the constitutionally guaranteed principle of health protection and, on the other hand  to discipline the professionals rules and give assurances that held training is suitable for the exercise of these professions

  • Activities

    Description of activities:
    Centra-se na análise e avaliação do movimento e da postura, baseadas na estrutura e função do corpo, utilizando modalidades educativas e terapêuticas específicas, com base, essencialmente, no movimento, nas terapias manipulativas e em meios físicos e naturais, com a finalidade de promoção da saúde e prevenção da doença, da deficiência, de incapacidade e da inadaptação e de tratar, habilitar ou reabilitar invidíduos com disfunções de natureza física, mental, de desenvolvimento ou outras, incluindo a dor, com o objectivo de os ajudar a atingir a máxima funcionalidade e qualidade de vida.
    Focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the movement and posture, based on the structure and function of the body, using special educational and therapeutic modalities, based essentially on the move, the manipulative therapies and natural and physical means, for the purpose of health promotion and disease prevention,disability, incapacity and inadequacy and to treat, rehabilitate or enable individuals with dysfunctional physical, mental, developmental or other, including pain, in order to help them achieve maximum functionality and quality of life. (EN)
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