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Generic name of profession - Conservator/Conservator-restorer/Restorer/Renovator

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The table below shows the number of decisions taken on professionals who obtain professional qualifications in one country (country of qualification– listed in rows) and apply for recognition in another country (host country – listed in columns) to practice there on a permanent basis.

Data covers all types of recognition decisions: positive (agreement) or negative (refusal) taken by host countries.

It is possible to filter the table to view a certain type of decision or a given period.

Qualification obtained in Recognition in host country
Austria (AT) 1 1
Belgium (BE) 5 5
Bulgaria (BG) 1 1
France (FR) 1 1
Germany (DE) 1 2 1 1 5
Italy (IT) 1 9 10
Latvia (LV) 1 1
Poland (PL) 2 2
Portugal (PT) 1 1
Romania (RO) 1 1
Slovakia (SK) 8 8
Spain (ES) 1 1
United Kingdom (archived data) (UK) 3 1 4
Switzerland (CH) 3 3
Total 10 21 8 1 3 1 44
Each country is responsible for updating information, on its regulated professions, competent authorities and statistics.
The Commission cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. However, if errors are brought to its attention, the Commission undertakes to correct them, if deemed appropriate.

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