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Interreg VA programme Germany-Netherlands

Title of measure
Full title in national language:
EU-subsidieprogramma Interreg VA Deutschland-Nederland
2021 to 2027
Policy objectives Plus
4.7. Design for innovation
2.1. R&D cooperation projects between academy and industry
7.2. Social innovation initiatives
Presentation of the measure:

In the coming years, a newbudget will be allocated for cross-border cooperation between the Netherlands (mainly the provinces Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg) and the German states of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) and Niedersachsen. The exact budget is yet to be concluded.

Half of the budget comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and the other half is provided by the INTERREG partners (Netherlands, NRW, Niedersachsen and the eight Dutch provinces) and by the project partners. Dutch-German projects will be supported that strengthen the innovation and competitiveness of the border regions, and that reduce the barrier effect of the border. At its core lies the involvement of SMEs as the engine of the economy in the border region.
In general, the programme focuses on:

  • Increase of cross-border economic strength:
    • Promoting business R&I and the development of linkages and synergies between companies, R&I centres and higher education;
    • Promoting research, innovation and implementation in the field of CO2-reducing technologies.
  • Strengthening social and cultural cohesion:
    • Promotion of legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions.

Specific priorities and focus areas for the 2021-2027 period are yet to be concluded.

Budget, source and type of funding
National public funds
Regional public funds
EU Structural Funds tbc
Private funds
Form of funding provided
Policy learning
To what extent the measure can be considered as a success and worthy of policy learning?:
It is too early to judge the success of the measure (e.g results of first call for proposals still not known).
Evidence of outcomes based on evaluation and other evidence:

The measure is yet to be implemented.

What are the most important “Do’s and Don’ts” that regional stakeholders should be aware of when launching a similar measure?:

The measure is yet to be implemented.

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