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Dutch Investment Agency

Policy objectives Plus
1.1. Institutional R&D funding
5.5. Seed and early-stage capital vehicles, business angel networks
4.1. Direct funding to business R&D and innovation
Presentation of the measure:

We work with other capital providers to expand the market and create new opportunities. The Netherlands needs to become more sustainable and more innovative. This calls for dedication, patience and capital. But above all, it calls for entrepreneurs. Real entrepreneurs with outstanding plans for the Netherlands of the future. We are here to finance those plans. We are Invest-NL, impact investors.

We generate financial backing for what once seemed unbackable. Not by competing with others, but by working together. Bringing projects that are beyond an individual investor’s scope within the realms of possibility. By taking risks ourselves, we reduce the risks for others. We dare to turn opportunity into achievement. To deliver where others falter. How do we do this? By taking risks, waiting that little bit longer for our return, and making judicious use of our access to European funds. But also by being passionate and motivated, professional and reliable, and by firmly believing in our mission.

We begin by financing projects and businesses that drive the energy transition and we accelerate the growth of innovative scale-ups. While they hold great promise, new technologies can still carry too much risk for most financiers. And that’s where we make the difference. Together we make the Netherlands of tomorrow possible. In the initial phase of Invest-NL, our financing focus is (i) on projects and companies that contribute to the energy transition. This includes the financing of new technologies, process innovations and innovative projects. Activities aimed at transforming our existing energy system into a sustainable system of renewable energy and raw materials. Or by developing new CO2-neutral technologies. Second, (ii) we focus on innovative scale-ups ready for their next growth step. This is about financing innovative SMEs that have high growth potential but are unable to raise sufficient capital. Either because the risk is still too high or the business case is too uncertain for existing market parties. Or existing SMEs that want to make an impact with new technology. Always with the aim of encouraging innovation and sustainability in the Netherlands.

Budget, source and type of funding
National public funds 1700000000
Regional public funds
EU Structural Funds
Private funds
Form of funding provided
Venture capital (including subordinated loans)
Policy learning
To what extent the measure can be considered as a success and worthy of policy learning?:
It is too early to judge the success of the measure (e.g results of first call for proposals still not known).
Evidence of outcomes based on evaluation and other evidence:

The Fund has just been launched.

What are the most important “Do’s and Don’ts” that regional stakeholders should be aware of when launching a similar measure?:

The Fund has just been launched.

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