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Grants to promote the technological innovation in technological sectors in the Community of Madrid within the RIS3 framework (2014-2020)

Title of measure
Full title in national language:
Ayudas para el fomento de la innovación tecnológica en sectores tecnológicos de la Comunidad de Madrid, en el marco de la Estrategia Regional de Investigación e Innovación para una Especialización Inteligente (RIS3) (período 2014-2020)
2014 to 2020
Policy objectives Plus
4.1. Direct funding to business R&D and innovation
4.3. Fostering start-ups and gazelles
Presentation of the measure:

The grants aim at promoting research and development of technological projects by companies, as well as the development and consolidation of start-ups in the framework of the RIS3 Madrid. In line with the Regional Strategy, the priority activities are the following:

  • Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Industrial and Space Technologies.
  • Health, Biotechnology, Water and Agrofood Area.
  • Energy, Environment and Transport Area (including Aeronautics).
  • Information and Communications Technologies Area.

The requirements for beneficiaries are to be companies, preferably SMEs, located in the Community of Madrid.  Furthermore and as previously mentioned, they shall carry out research and development projects of products and processes linked to technological areas considered strategic, or be young and innovative companies (technology-based companies, "start-up").

Budget, source and type of funding
National public funds
Regional public funds 3500000350000035000003,600,0003,662,780
EU Structural Funds 350000035000003500000
Private funds
Form of funding provided
Policy learning
To what extent the measure can be considered as a success and worthy of policy learning?:
There has been a positive response by beneficiaries to the measure (e.g. over-subscribed in terms of requested versus available budget) but it is too early to judge results or impact
Evidence of outcomes based on evaluation and other evidence:

No information available.

What are the most important “Do’s and Don’ts” that regional stakeholders should be aware of when launching a similar measure?:

The measure incentivises RDI activities among SMEs, while supporting the creation and consolidation of start-ups. Promoting innovation is beneficial for the whole productive tissue as it raises awareness of the changes in the market and the important role played by research and development from now on. Although it focuses only in certain type of companies, those are the majority of business at regional level and therefore, the most important and the ones that might find more difficult to introduce innovative activities due to the scarce of resources. Finally, the measure focuses in strategic sectors for the Comunidad de Madrid, creating synergies with other programmes implemented to achieve the ultimate goals set for the region.

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