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Grants for investments in processing, marketing or development of agricultural products and the promotion of food quality (Focal) under the Rural Development Program of Castilla-La Mancha 2014-2020

Title of measure
Full title in national language:
Ayudas a inversiones en transformación, comercialización o desarrollo de productos agrícolas y al fomento de la calidad agroalimentaria (Focal) en el marco del programa de desarrollo rural de castilla la mancha 2014-2020
2014 to 2020
Policy objectives Plus
4.1. Direct funding to business R&D and innovation
Presentation of the measure:

The agricultural industry needs to undergo a modernisation process to adapt to the increasing market competition concerning products of great significance such as wine, olive oil, meat, cheese, fruits or vegetables. This is especially important for Castilla-La Mancha, where the sector still holds relevant weight in the economy of Castilla-La Mancha employing a numerous workforce and therefore, being one of the main drivers of the regional development, economically, socially and environmentally.
The purpose of this aid is to improve the conditions in which the agro-food industries of the region carry out the transformation and/or the commercialisation of agricultural products to achieve greater added value in the processed products, improve their quality and, consequently, improve its competitiveness in the market.
The grant supports from 15% to 50% of the eligible budget depending on the size of the enterprise. 

Budget, source and type of funding
National public funds 60000030000001650000
Regional public funds 140000070000003850000
EU Structural Funds 60000003000000016500000
Private funds
Form of funding provided
Policy learning
To what extent the measure can be considered as a success and worthy of policy learning?:
There has been a positive response by beneficiaries to the measure (e.g. over-subscribed in terms of requested versus available budget) but it is too early to judge results or impact
Evidence of outcomes based on evaluation and other evidence:

No information.

What are the most important “Do’s and Don’ts” that regional stakeholders should be aware of when launching a similar measure?:

The grants support the modernisation of the primary sector, which accounts for a high percentage of the employment and represents an important share of the GDP. The eligible costs are rather broad but there are restraints regarding some products or other elements that might affect the industry linked to them. Moreover, these grants perhaps contribute to maintain some products that are not competitive anymore in the market instead of looking for new paths where Castilla-La Mancha would have an advantage against its competitors.

Would you recommend this measure as an example of regional good practice to policy-makers from other regions ?: