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Thematic paper 5: Identifying Potential and Niches of Innovation – A Policy Intelligence Toolbox

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This report aims to identify the main policy intelligence tools available for and used by regions during the process of building regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialisations (RIS-3). It is an attempt to synthesise various methodologies developed over recent years and provide with concrete examples of how different EU regions have already started to apply such tools in their local context.

The report should be read as a complement to the RIS-3 Guide, published by the European Commission for advising the regions on how to engage in RIS-3 formulation.  The focus of the present report prepared in the framework of the Regional Innovation Monitor (RIM) project is on the first step recommended by the RIS-3 Guide, notably ‘Analysis of the context and potential for innovation’ which is the initial stage of the RIS-3 building process.  In summary, it provides an overview of different alternative methods for such analysis.

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