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Thematic Paper 2: Policies and Processes of Smart Specialisation: Realising New Opportunities

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RIM has just published a new thematic paper on Policies and Processes of Smart Specialisation. 

In times of austerity and tightening up public spending, this discussion is both timely and relevant.  The report puts a spotlight on strategic anchoring mechanisms and regional branching policies, with the view to contribute to the ongoing discussion on developing smart specialisation strategies.  It looks in detail into the existing policies in Madeira,  Île de France, Navarra, Noord-Brabant and other 12 different EU regions.

The outcome is an analysis of repository of regional innovation support measures, which is being developed in the framework of this project in cooperation with a network of regional correspondents.  The biggest innovation is testing new approaches of using the analysis of semantics, in order to provide preliminary assessments of the expected outcomes of existing regional innovation policies.  Recognising the fact that smart specialisation is not only about public support  measures, this paper includes three case studies.

Download the report here