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Public-private co-operation: engaging the private sector for sustainably smart regional innovation policy

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Under the heading of a “process of entrepreneurial discovery” the RIS3 guidelines suggest the involvement of entrepreneurially-minded stakeholders from the private business sector as well as its current and potential co-operation partners at the regional level. As has been established in regional innovation policy of many leading regions, such approaches are a necessary condition for developing a practically relevant understanding of regional challenges and opportunities.

What this thematic report is to challenge, however, is that consultation alone can be a sufficient condition to achieve the above-mentioned objectives beyond the formal drafting of a regional strategy.

One of the arguably largest challenges for RIS3 strategy-building that goes beyond a mere formal fulfilment of the ex-ante criteria lies in the development of concrete and lasting strategies that take private sector engagement beyond consultation into policy implementation. As will be demonstrated, a central ingredient to achieve this aim is the establishment of joint ownership on new, attractive takes to regional innovation policy in the sense of co-operation models that are both relevant and attractive to the region’s business community.

This thematic paper will seek to both contextualise and further elaborate on the role of public-private co-operation for sustainably smart regional innovation policies. Not least, such innovation policies can be seen a valuable and central contribution to the European Commission’s new initiative for a “European Industrial Renaissance”.

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