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Regional innovation Report: Norte


According to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard, the Norte region stands at a medium-high level in the European context having evolved positively in this ranking since 2007 (modest-high innovator in 2007, moderator-low innovator in 2009 and moderate-high innovator in 2011). This suggests that the region is to some extent converging with EU performance. The measures implemented in the last years at national and regional levels have allowed Norte to achieve a better position as regards scientific and technological infrastructures, number of human resources involved in RTD activities, innovation activities undertaken by companies and innovation support services to firms, among others. The region is in a period of transition from previous policies for which the growth of innovation infrastructure was a priority, to the next funding period (2014-2020) where smart specialisation is expected to be the basis for investments more focused on intangible factors of competitiveness.

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