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Regional Innovation Report: Castilla y Leon


Located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, Castile-Leon is a large inland region that covers an area of 94,225 km2 and occupies almost one fifth of Spain. Divided in nine provinces, it is the biggest region of the country and the third largest in the European Union.

The number of businesses in Castile-Leon has grown progressively in the recent years. Many small firms currently coexist with some large companies with major social and economic influence in the region. Castile-Leon has succeeded in attracting large companies of strategic sectors with potential to boost business investment in innovation directly and indirectly that have generated a prosperous auxiliary industry. The current economic crisis has produced a recession and an increase in redundancy of workforce in Castile-Leon, although the percentage of unemployment in the third trimester of 2013 was 20.94%, below the Spanish average of 25.98%.

Understanding the evolution of the regional innovation is crucial to evaluate the efficacy of the local policies. Since 2011, the priority of the Castile-Leon Government is the realignment and harmonisation of institutional and operational arrangements in order to adapt the RDI strategy to the actual economic and social situation.

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