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Regional Innovation Report (2016) Trento


When assessing the importance of advanced manufacturing in Trentino, the efforts put in place for the creation of a fully interconnected and inter-sectoral system between the research world, the business world and the public institutions should be considered.

In Trentino, the highest contribution to value added derives from services (73.1%), industry (23.5%) is in second position, and then agriculture (3.4%). Despite manufacturing not being the leading sector of Trentino’s economy, there is an increasing specialisation in a number of manufacturing sectors related to advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0; one of them is mechatronics, a priority, together with agro-food, life quality and green energy and environment, of the Operative Programme (O.P.) 2014-2020. 50% of the industrial patents registered in the last years belong to mechatronics, as well as 25% of the innovative start-ups. There are 300 companies operating in the sector, employing approximately 1100 persons.

Trentino excels in basic and applied research, and this is increasingly internationally recognised. The expense in R&D over GDP is steeply increasing, especially since 2007. The personnel employed for R&D in full time equivalent is also increasing since 2008. The growing number of spin-off from research comes in support of the attractiveness of Trentino’s research system. While Trentino enjoys a truly international system of academic research, with more and more visiting professors and fellows from abroad, companies tend to work with local research centres.

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