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Regional Innovation Report (2016) Overijssel


In Overijssel, especially Twente is seen as a traditionally strong region for High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM), including advanced materials. In terms of employment (18.2% in 2013), the manufacturing sector is the second sector in Overijssel, after wholesale and trade (27.6% in 2013). National and regional stakeholders see the HTSM sector as highly important for economic growth and employment, both as a solitary sector and as an enabler for employment in related sectors. SMEs have an important role in Overijssel's economy, as 25% of employment is in companies with <10 employees and 60% in companies <100 employees. In Overijssel, most companies who are doing business in advanced materials are Original Equipment Manufacturers. Overijssel is known for an extensive infrastructure of regional platforms and cooperation between business, science and government. Yet, only a fraction of the SMEs and manufacturing companies are seen as innovation leaders who are significantly contributing to the regional R&D infrastructure and innovation activities. Nonetheless, with a high number of high-tech start-ups and well-known research groups, there is a strong innovative climate around the University of Twente (UT) and the adjacent Business Science Park, which includes advanced materials and nanotechnology. Also the climate in the Zwolle region and at several major industrial companies can be considered as innovative. International cooperation takes place to a large extent at the UT (i.e. MESA+ institute for nanotechnology) with other research institutions and industry at a global scale. Regional authorities are increasingly focusing on the creation of international linkages, as shown by a recent agreement with the Vanguard network and by various Interreg-projects aiming to connect the regional SMEs with regions abroad especially in the neighbouring German regions.

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