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Annual Report "Governance, policies, and perspectives in European regions"

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Last year’s RIM Annual report (2010) underlined that the processes of innovation governance could not be assessed as fairly effective and that administrative capacity building had to catch-up with the process of devolution.  Moreover, the focus of regional innovation policies raised some issues of concern, in particular because policies were to a large extent focused on a supply-side approach and there was evidence of a too generic imitation of cluster policies across Europe.  Finally, it highlighted that in the upcoming era of budgetary restraint, generic and all-inclusive approaches would most likely not be sustainable.

Since then, the economic downturn has undoubtedly had negative effects on many economies making the future of many policy fields more uncertain.  Nonetheless, it has also created a unique opportunity to concentrate funding on few, well-selected priority areas and develop smart partnerships connecting different EU regions with the view of achieving a common goal of sustainable development and jobs.

Against this background, this report builds upon the findings of last year’s report, draws upon the 50 regional reports prepared by the network of RIM regional correspondents, and is complemented by further analysis of the RIM repository’s information about some 1,050 regional innovation policy support measures.

The research for this report was undertaken by Technopolis Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, and UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University.

We wish you informative and stimulating reading.

Regional Innovation Monitor team.

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