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Vision 2040 - A Stockholm for everyone

Policy Document
Vision 2040 - A Stockholm for everyone

Vision 2040 was developed by Stockholm's city departments, administrations and companies, along with several external partners. It is a long term, complete vision for the city's development and sustainable growth. The Vision consists of four main goals.

In 2040, Stockholm will be a cohesive city, where all children have the same opportunities to achieve proficiency targets, apartments are available at reasonable rents, the elderly are guaranteed a secure life, and equal opportunity, gender equality and accessibility are never questioned.
In 2040, Stockholm will be a climate-smart city that prioritises cycling, walking and public transportation. An efficient, climate-smart transportation system is combined with greater consumption of renewable energy. Children are guaranteed a non-toxic environment and more organic food is served at city facilities.

In 2040, Stockholm will be a financially sustainable city, where financial accountability is combined with labour market initiatives based on easy access to available jobs, education and housing.

In 2040, Stockholm will be a democratically sustainable city that promotes human rights, combats discrimination and guarantees all inhabitants equal rights and opportunities.

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