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Science, Technology and Innovation Plan - PCTI EUSKADI 2020

Policy Document
Plan de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación PCTI EUSKADI 2020 - Una estrategia de especialización inteligente – RIS3

The mission of the PCTI EUSKADI 2020 is to improve welfare, sustainable economic growth and employment in Basque society through a research and innovation policy based on smart specialisation and improvement of the efficiency of the System of Science, Technology and Innovation.
The PCTI EUSKADI 2020 is the reference document for the deployment of the Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) in the Basque Country. As such, it focuses in three strategic priorities and four niches of opportunity:
Strategic Priorities:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Biosciences / Health

Areas of opportunity:

  • Agri-food industry most closely linked to sustainability and human environment
  • Regional planning and urban regeneration
  • Certain niches relating to leisure, entertainment and culture
  • Specific activities in relation to ecosystems

The strategic lines are deployed in six goals:

  1. To focus resources and investment in RDI in the areas of specialisation aligned with the strategic priorities in the RIS3;
  2. To boost fundamental research and experimental development: and increase of the RDI mix;
  3. To orient the Science, Technology and Innovation System towards results;
  4. To strengthen attraction of international funding in RDI;
  5. To increase the number of innovative companies; and
  6. To improve the qualifications of research staff.

The plan foresees a public-private investment of €11.1m between 2014 and 2020. A third part will come from public sources and the rest will come from private sources, mainly from firms and for the development of R&D projects.

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