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RIS 3 - Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of Castilla y León 2014-2020

Policy Document
RIS 3 - Estrategia Regional de Investigación e Innovación para una espacialización inteligente de Castilla y León 2014-2020

The Smart Specialisation Strategy develops a new science and technology plan for the period 2014-2020.The RIS 3 strategy defines the following priority objectives of the region for 2014-2020 period:

  • Strengthening the competitive economic model by increasing the number of innovative businesses and the innovation effort, and stimulating private RDI investments;
  • Moving towards scientific and technological leadership in areas of regional specialization potential, developing the system of science and technology towards being more attractive;
  • Improving internationalization and the visibility of the regional innovation system;
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration between knowledge generating agents and knowledge transfer;
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in all social and economic areas;
  • Enhancing an efficient coordination system for science and technology.

It also defines the priority sectors presented below:

  • Agri-food and natural resources;
  • Productive efficiency in transport sectors like Automotive and Aeronautic industry;
  • Knowledge and technology in Health and in Social Attention, Demographic Change and Welfare;
  • Natural heritage, Cultural Heritage and Spanish language.
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