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Research and Innovation Strategy for the Smart Specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT)

Policy Document
Estratègia de recerca i innovació per a l'especialització intel·ligent de Catalunya (RIS3CAT)

The Strategy for the Smart Specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT) defines the framework within which the Catalan Government establishes research and innovation (R&I) actions and programmes over the 2014-2020 period and provides support for the 
generation and development of innovative projects. Moreover, the Digital Strategy of Catalonia for 2020 establishes the framework for investment and action in the ICT field.

RIS3CAT establishes four strategic objectives:

  1. To modernise the business fabric by improving the efficiency of production processes, internationalisation and the reorientation of consolidated sectors towards activities with greater added value;
  2. To promote new emerging economic activities through research and innovation to create and develop new market niches;
  3. To consolidate Catalonia as a European knowledge hub and link technological and creative capacities to existing and emerging sectors in the territory;
  4. To improve the overall Catalan innovation system, increasing the competitiveness of companies and steering public policies towards promotion of innovation, internationalisation and entrepreneurship.

The four pillars of action are:

  1. Leading sectors;
  2. Emerging activities;
  3. Cross-cutting enabling technologies;
  4. Innovation environment.
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