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Operational programme for Madrid ESF 2014-2020

Policy Document
Programas Operativos regionales FSE 2014-2020 Comunidad de Madrid

The ESF Operational Programme (OP) of the Community of Madrid from 2014 to 2020 arises from the need to meet the challenge, explained by the "position paper" to Spain, to combat high unemployment, especially youth, low productivity, poverty and social exclusion. The program strategy aims to give response to the main effects of the crisis, promoting employability, social inclusion and improving training systems.

One of the most important issues when it comes to intervening in public policies related to the field of education and training is the state of R&D in the region, given that it is considered a key element to optimise and improve the productivity of the Community. In a context where the market has acquired a global dimension, the competitiveness of companies in Madrid should be a factor higher, being essential for it to have an environment that facilitates the integration between the various actors in Regional Innovation System (universities, research, companies, etc.).

The Community of Madrid is among the most innovative regions in Spain and among which make a greater investment in R&D. Regarding to human capital, a key element of regional innovation system and linked directly to the field of education and training , Madrid accumulates a high percentage of total Spanish employment in research: the region encompasses 23.2% of researchers in Spain. These statistics highlight the importance of developing policies that stimulate to achieving proper integration into the labor market, through strategies such as the ESF Operational Programme (OP) of the Community of Madrid.

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