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The North East Strategic Economic Plan

Policy Document
The North East Strategic Economic Plan
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In 2014, the North East LEP established a long-term vision of a stronger North-East economy, which offers better opportunities for our people and businesses. The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) is the document that sets out how the LEP will work with its partners to achieve this.
The plan outlines medium- term economic objectives for the North East and identifies interventions and investments to support economic growth, improve productivity and to increase the number of those employed, particularly in the higher quality jobs. The SEP is recognised by Government as the policy document that sets the strategic direction for the North-East economy.
The SEP has two headline targets:

  • To increase the number of jobs in the North-East economy by 100,000 by 2024.
  • To ensure that 70% of the jobs growth is in better jobs.

In order to reach the fixed goals, the SEP has identified four business opportunity areas that provide huge potential to generate jobs within the North- East economy.
These are:

  • Digital.
  • Advanced manufacturing.
  • Health and life sciences.
  • Subsea, offshore and energy technologies.
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