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Aragon Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)

Policy Document
RIS3 Aragón. Estrategia de investigación e innovación para una especialización inteligente
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RIS 3 Aragon was approved and published on May 2015.
The RIS3 process in the region has acquired expert advice from a DG REGIO expert. Consequently, three strategic priorities were defined: connectivity, efficiency of resources and well-being & quality of life.

In addition to these priorities, the strategy selects a few transversal priorities in the frame of the so called key enabling technologies (KETs) which the RIS3 aims at strengthening, taking into account the strengths and elements of differentiation: nanotechnologies, new materials, advanced manufacturing and information and communication technologies.

The strategy also aims at supporting the priorities and transversal elements selected by the RIS3 Aragon through a few key action lines: Talent and training Entrepreneurship Support to SMEs Support to I+i and transfer of knowledge and technology Cooperation Internationalization.

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