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Regional Strategy for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalisation (SRDEII) 2017 - 2021 Hauts-de-France

Policy Document
Stratégie régionale de développement économique, d'innovation et d'internationalisation (SRDEII) 2017 - 2021 Hauts-de-France

The SDREII of the Hauts-De-France region targets five innovation sectors, based on the ones defined in both Picardie and Nord-Pas de Calais RIS3:
- Boost the important and varied regional industry (agro-food, transportation, textile, etc.) through shifting towards the third industrial revolution characterised by the four themes: industry of the future, energy efficiency, circular economy and service economy;
- Develop trade and logistics to become a European hub;
- Strengthen the tertiary sector and applied-research onto the following fields: cyber-security, fintech and electronic money, banks and insurances, research and education);
- Specialise on care and services to the elderly and become the European leader in silver economy;
- Foster the creative industry and increase tourism.
Innovation is also addressed through parts of cross-sector plans:
- Starter plan: to create and restart companies. This plan particularly encourages innovative start-ups through offering them a work space, expertise and connection to potential partners.
- Booster plan: to help companies to grow. This plan encourages innovation by accompanying companies that want to innovate and access networks and funds;
- Employment plan: to increase job creation;
- Territory plan: to ensure that innovation and growth spread harmoniously on the whole territory. Innovation is addressed through the co-funding and accompanying the creation of innovation parks such as technopoles, incubators and accelerators.

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