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Madeira’s Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 (Madeira 14-20)

Policy Document
Programa Operacional da Região Autónoma da Madeira 2014-2020 (Madeira 14-20)

The regional operational programme (ROP) Madeira 14-20 is the main funding instrument available to the region for the implementation of its development strategy in the period 2014-2020.

The programme has available about €403m from European funds (€274m from ERDF and €129m from ESF).

The 12 strategic priorities that have been established within ROP Madeira 14-20 are the following (in brackets the amount of EU funding): 

  • Strengthen RTD and innovation (€30m).  
  • Better access to Information and Communication Technologies (€5m).
  • Reinforce SMEs competitiveness (€41.8m).
  • Transition to a low-carbon economy (€18m).
  • Environment protection and efficient use of resources (€25m).
  • Sustainable transport and enhancement of regional mobility (€45m).
  • Employment and labour mobility (€44.5m).
  • Social inclusion and poverty (€37.7m).
  • Skills, education and lifelong learning (€84.5m).  
  • Institutional capacity building and efficiency in Public Administration (€4.3m).
  • Additional costs of an outermost region (€58m).
  • ROP technical assistance (€9.4m). 

The document that presents ROP Madeira 14-20 is organised around the following key topics: description of the regional operational programme; description of the ROP strategic priorities; and ROP funding planning. The document also lists the organisations responsible for managing and auditing the ROP, and explains the coordination that is to be established with other national and European funds, other than ERDF and ESF.

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